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FAQ: How do you decide which publications my press release will be distributed to?

A: This is one of the most popular questions we get asked when speaking to clients about press releases, and rightly so, as the correct distribution of a press release is essential.

As every client is different, with their own individual story and target audience, we create bespoke media distribution lists for each press release.

We take into consideration the locations and audience the press release is targeting, by both speaking to clients and using our own knowledge, meaning we are able to decide which publications to send the release to. Once this has been established, we can then create your unique media distribution list.

For every press release – unless specified by the client – we research all regional, current print and online publications, including newspapers, magazines, community publications and relevant blogs. We do this to ensure we produce a rich distribution list which matches your target locations and audience and also to avoid sending your release to irrelevant publications.

We can also send your release to specialist, national magazines in your sector with our ‘Trade PR’ bolt-on package. We would use the same research and information gathering process to ensure your release is sent to relevant publications.

We use our expert knowledge to select specific journalists to send the release to. This ensures the press release will not be filtered into the general newsdesk mail box (they receive hundreds a day) and it also gives us a direct point of contact. Our team has worked incredibly hard to build strong relationships with journalists and it’s these relationships and our keen skills of persuasion, which help to bring a press release to a journalist’s attention.

Once the media distribution list is ready and the press release has been approved by yourself, the release will then be sent to our contacts. At this point, you’ll receive a media distribution update from us.

Your press release will also be uploaded to our website and will be promoted across all of our social media accounts reaching over 11,000 people.

We’ll work hard to constantly keep you up to date with your press release, providing you with coverage updates and media updates on a weekly basis.


Although we will send the press release to all of publications on the distribution list, we cannot guarantee when or if the press release will be used.

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