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FAQ: Does anyone read the newspapers these days?

A: Admittedly, not as many as once did – national newspaper circulation in the UK decreased from 22 million in 2010 to 10.4 million in 2018, a decline of 52.5 per cent. Regionally, more than 200 local newspapers have closed since 2005, and more than 58 per cent of the country has no daily or regional title.

In practice, this means that space is at a premium, and a well-researched, well-written press release with a clear news angle is much more likely to make the cut than a generic puff piece. That’s why The Pack really take the time to get to know you and your brand before drilling down to find the best angle for your press release.

We have contacts in the press across the North East and beyond, meaning we know exactly who to send your story to – and what they’re looking for. Our tenacious approach means we’ll be pro-active on your behalf, ensuring your story doesn’t languish at the bottom of a journalist’s pile until it’s old news.

We’ll also help you identify your target audience and discover how they’re consuming the news – on the whole, there is a generational split between ‘traditional’ and newer forms of publishing. A 2018 Ofcom survey found that newspapers were the least-used platform for news, but were still used by 40 per cent of people, rising to 60 per cent for the over-65s.

What this shows is that print media is still a valuable resource for certain demographics, and our approach means we’ll work with you to discover who you want your brand to reach, and target your campaign accordingly.

We’re also finding is that digital is stepping in to fill the gap left by print editions of local press, and there are news websites across the country springing up to publish local news across a range of sectors.

These tend to fall into two categories; B2B websites, featuring solely corporate news aimed at a business audience; and so-called hyper-local news sites.

In fact, hyper-locals have been hailed as a saviour of local journalism, covering local news in a way that larger, more commercial outlets no longer have the time – or resources – to do.

The news landscape may be changing, but The Pack pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve, making sure we always send your stories to the right place at the right time.

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FAQ: Where will my story appear?

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