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FAQ: How do I choose between a press release and advertising?

A: If you have exciting news to shout out about regarding your company, a press release is without doubt the most effective way to get the word out.

The great thing about a press release is you can send it out to as many publications as you see fit – providing you have done your research. This means it is a very cost effective way of spreading your message to a wide audience. In contrast, as you pay for advertising, you will have to pay for each different publication you want your story to appear in – making this a very expensive process.

Another advantage of a press release is that by appearing in a newspaper or a trade publication, it has more credibility than an advert. The main reason being the story has been deemed newsworthy enough by a journalist who is willing to put their by-line to it. It’s well known a journalist’s by-line is precious, therefore by them choosing to publish your story and putting their reputation on the line, it shows how good it is and helps enhance your business’ reputation. On the other hand, an advert will appear in a publication simply because the space has been bought – a fact people are very aware of.

A well-written press release is used to inform an audience about what’s going on and is a great way to build perceptions of a business. It will tell a story – often one of human interest – and encourage people to want to know more about the company. A press release can be used to subtly highlight a company’s values and ethos, drawing its audience in subconsciously. An advert, however, has the sole purpose of trying to talk people into buying a product or service in a very direct way.

So, to summarise, if you have a great story which you want the world to know about, without breaking the bank in the process, a press release is the best way to spread your message.

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