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FAQ: I made changes to my press release but you have changed these back again, why is that?

When initially writing a press release, we always keep in mind the three audiences we are aiming to satisfy. That is, publications who will pick up the story, the client and the clients’ target audience.

As it’s the publications who make the decision whether or not to publish a release, it is vital it has a strong enough angle to get a journalist to sit up and take notice, while keeping in line with the clients’ wishes.

Once a press release is written, we send it over to a client for approval and they are asked to make any changes they feel necessary. This mainly refers to quotes and any facts which may need to be confirmed.

At this stage, some clients may feel the order in which facts appear or the angle of the story needs to be changed. However, before writing a release we will have already discussed the best angle to use with the client and planned the release to include the most important facts at the top – ensuring it is considered newsworthy by journalists and editors.

Our press releases follow a strict style guide and are always written with the client at the forefront, which will be subtly evident throughout the release, ensuring the story will appeal to the right people.

It is important to note a press release will not be distributed to publications until we are completely satisfied with the final product. We have worked hard to build up our reputation as a market leader of well-written, press releases. Journalists often comment on the quality of the releases they receive from us, therefore it is imperative we maintain this reputation to ensure the press releases we write are used by publications.

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