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FAQ: My story has been sent to press, what next?

A: Once your press release has been distributed to the relevant journalists, your account manager will send you a media distribution update. This will have several pieces of information including confirmation of the publications your release has been sent to, the link to the published release on the Harvey & Hugo website and links to all of our social media accounts we have promoted the release on.

By promoting your release on our social media accounts, we can help your story reach over 11,000 people who will hopefully share, retweet and comment on your brilliant story.

After the distribution, your account manager will frequently check for any coverage of your release and will follow up with journalists. If we do spot any coverage of your release, be that online, print or on air, you’ll be the first to know. Your account manager will send you coverage media updates with snippets and links to any coverage, giving you full access to view the media coverage you’ve received.

It may be the case that not all stories receive coverage straight away and therefore we need to use our strong, professional relationship with journalists, along with keen skills of persuasion, in order to bring a press release to a journalist’s attention. It may even take a few follow ups with journalists before we see a result, but we do work extremely hard to help your story get the coverage it deserves.

Your account manager will send you weekly media updates to keep you informed of the follow ups they’ve had with journalists and you know if we’re expecting some more coverage.

We will also send you social media coverage updates letting you know when your story has been shared on social media platforms.


Even though we do follow up with journalists several times, we cannot guarantee when or if the press release will be used.

Once we believe your press release has received all of its coverage, we will then send you a final media update, which lists all the publications you’ve received coverage in. We will also provide social media stats from our profiles so you can see how many people have seen the story and engaged with it.

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