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FAQ: I have taken my own photo to go with my press release, can I use it?

A: As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, which means the one you choose to go alongside your press release, needs to be as good as the story itself.

While we’re not expecting everyone to be a David Bailey, there are certain aspects to consider when taking a press shot yourself.

Below are some tips which you should follow to ensure you produce a photo suitable enough to be shown in your chosen publications.

Think about promoting your brand

A press shot can be a good opportunity to get your company’s brand noticed so it’s a good idea to make sure your company name is clearly visible in the photo – after all, this is what you really want people to remember. Photos taken with visible signs and/or company names in the background, are always popular with journalists. If you are promoting a product with company branding on it, make sure if holding the product in the photo, any labels are visible. This may mean you need to position yourself closer to the camera in order for the wording to be clear.


Lighting is very important as bad lighting can ruin what otherwise would have been a perfectly good photo. The best photos are taken under natural light, but if it’s not appropriate for you to be outdoors, make sure there’s enough light in the room to capture the photo well.


Your story and the photo could potentially be seen by thousands of people, many who you are hoping to attract to use your company’s services or products. Although it’s never nice to be judged by people on the way you look, the reality is as this could be the first time people see you, first impressions count. With this in mind, think carefully about what to wear and how to appear in the photo. Dress professionally, but to reflect your company’s image and try not to look too serious – it really doesn’t hurt to smile.

Think outside the box

While more often than not it is a case of keeping it simple, it also doesn’t hurt to be a little bit creative. Again, this doesn’t have to be over the top, (attempting to photograph the five newest employees of your business attempting a pyramid will probably end in disaster) but always think about your story and see whether your picture can mimic what it is saying.

Use the correct equipment

Granted most smart phones now come with exceptional, built in cameras, however if you do have a decent point and shoot, this will take sharper, better photos.

Abiding by these tips should make your life easier if you need to provide your own photo for a press shot, however if all else fails, we offer press photography which includes, a discussion about what we believe will make a good press shot, 3-5 of the best press shots emailed to you and editing in Photoshop if required.

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