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FAQ: I’m targeting Birmingham too so can you send our story there even though we’re based in the North East?

A: The key to PR is delivering a relevant message to a relevant audience. If your story has no relevance in Birmingham, other than the fact you would like to raise awareness of your product / service there, then one thing is more than likely to happen…

Your story will simply be dismissed as irrelevant by journalists, potentially damaging your reputation.  It could also hinder future PR campaigns which are more relevant.


If your story is relevant within Birmingham, for example – you’ve just opened a new training centre there or won a substantial contract then this is another story… quite literally!  This is definitely something that can be distributed to the local press.  Better still, we can often tweak the current release to make it more desirable in the chosen area.

We specialise in building relationships with journalists within the North East and pride ourselves on these strong connections, we also strive to make our releases as desirable as possible.

Although we may not have these relationships in Birmingham, we are a resourceful bunch at H&H and will do all the research required to not only find the right publications, but also the right people to speak to, in order to gain coverage in those publications.

Our ‘Regional PR’ bolt-on is perfect for this, as we will only let you use it providing we think the story warrants coverage in your chosen area.