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FAQ: What is the value of writing a blog?

Let’s get this straight, we love to blog.

We love taking the opportunity to express ourselves, share our knowledge and our passion as well as flexing our creative muscles.

But what other value can be gained from writing a regular blog? Turns out there’s plenty!


Be the expert

Creating a regular blog that is relevant to your business, as well as your customers’ requirements, can help establish you as the expert in your field. Making your blog to the ‘go-to’ place for anybody interested in what you do will make you the authority and will ensure clients will return.

Showing off what else your business has to offer through internal links to such things as case studies is a another great way to display your knowledge and experience, as well as keeping readers on your site for longer.


Be in demand

A regular stream of blogs relevant to your audience can work wonders when it comes to SEO. One thing that can be an important factor in how you rank in search engines is how long visitors spend on your page.

A well-written, longer and more comprehensive post will keep your audience engaged and spending more time on your site. The result? An indicator that this was a helpful link and more traffic in the future.

There is also no real shelf life on a well-written blog. Even when the initial wave of engagement has died down, your mini masterpiece will still be sitting there ranked in a search engine, ready to continually generate leads for your business.


Be one with your audience

Being the top result on Google is great but the biggest benefit is the opportunity to interact with your audience outside of emails and phone calls. Giving your clients an insight into your personality that they can connect with can create a dialogue you may not get otherwise.

The chance to expand your audience can also come from them sharing articles that have resonated with them.

Great content that inspires your clients to share your blog may resonate with new customers or even fellow professionals in your field. The amount of time spent writing a blog can potentially increase traffic and leads just as effectively as hours of cold calling or networking.


Be sharp

They say that repetition is the mother of skill and while it may also require a little persistence, when it comes to writing a blog, repetition can help you sharpen up your writing skills and gain more insight into what resonates with your clients.

Spending some time thinking about something outside of your usual 9 to 5 (maybe something even a little more… fun) can be a great pick me up and help refresh your knowledge and focus too.

If you need any help with blogging or any of our PR and marketing services, throw us a bone at info@harveyandhugo.com or call 01325 486666.


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