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FAQ: Why is it usually negative news that dominates the front page?

Q: Why is it usually negative news that dominates the front page?


A: We live in a world where the local, national and international media is stuffed to the brim of stories about crime, corruption and worse. The reason for this is simple – when was the last time someone told you about some awesome customer service they’d received from a company? Chances are, the last thing you’ve heard was how someone has been wronged by a company in some way.


As consumers, we’re five times more likely to share bad news. Bad news sells! The harsh reality is that bad news spreads like wildfire and journalists use this to their advantage to sell newspapers. The more shocking the story, the bigger the circulation.


However, although bad news does frequently dominate the front page splash, it’s not all doom and gloom.  Just because your release is not on the front page, doesn’t mean that it won’t be read.  Getting your story covered in the section relevant to its topic for example, getting coverage in the ‘local news’ or ‘business’ sections will often give it more credibility and hit the readers that matter. Not the readers looking for that quick fix of shocking news!


With bad news having a contagious nature, it’s more important than ever to safeguard your reputation. If you would like to speak to us about this, please give us a call: 01325 486 666



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