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Five festive social media competition tips…

It’s that time of year again (well, almost)… Festive thoughts are in the air – and so are social media Christmas competition ideas. We’ve put together some top tips to consider when conjuring up the perfect one… bigstock-creativity-concept--time-to-c-30227561


Aren’t you sick of the Like, Share and Comment competitions? We know we are! Get creative this Christmas and think of better ways to get your target market involved.

For example, if you’re a sandwich shop, why don’t you ask people to tweet their three top favourite ingredients for a festive French baguette? You can create the winners suggestion and make them feel pretty damn special (as well as giving them gift vouchers) – plus there’s something in it for you too!



Let’s be honest, would you spend five minutes or more of your time entering a competition just for a Christmas cracker? No, neither would we.

With competition prizes, you get as much as you give. If you’re offering an incredible prize, people will put in more effort to enter your competition and win. In turn, the more time people commit to entering, the more likely your brand will stay with them.



There’s no denying it, social media is a great place for big egos – people love showing off on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram… So give them an excuse to!

Why not incorporate a selfie into the rules of your competition – for example, if your business is a bar, ask people to post a selfie of themselves in their best Christmas jumper, having a drink next to one of your most notable features. #BringOnTheSelfies



The new trend – inclusion. We’ve seen it blow up with the #ALSIceBucketChallenege and #NoMakeUpSelfie – people love a good challenge and even better love to see their friends challenged.

Come up with rules that state you have to nominate someone else to be entered into your Christmas competition.



And the final festive tip, it seems obvious but you’d be surprised… Don’t forget to make your Christmas competition festive – don’t be afraid to incorporate some snowmen making and sherry cake baking!


So there you have it, our five festive social media competition tips.

If you’d like help, from complete social media management to brainstorming ideas, just give us a call on 01325 486666 – one of our elves will be more than happy to help!


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