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Five ways to handle interview rejection

It’s a difficult time for young people at the moment as the world of education thrusts people out into the ‘real world’! bigstock-Business-social-media-network--7907818

Unfortunately, one thing many will have to get used to is the feeling of rejection. It’s a terrible feeling that most go through at some stage in their lives (we still experience it regularly when bidding for work), but to apologise for sounding like a parent, it’s character building.

In fact, we often learn more about a person’s character and if they’re the sort of person you’d recruit from how they handle rejection, than in the actual interview.

If you do experience rejection after an interview, here are a few tips on how to handle things:

1. Be graceful in defeat

This can be incredibly tough to do, but shows great character to thank the business for the opportunity and wish them all the best for the future.

2. Don’t burn your bridges

We understand that you may feel a little frustrated, but don’t react by saying anything that could jeopardise future opportunities. Instead, ask if the employer can keep your records on file and contact you if any other opportunities arise. You never know, they may find out the person they chose isn’t for them and come back to you – everyone makes mistakes.

3.  Ask for feedback

Asking for feedback will not only help you with future applications, but the employer will be impressed that you are keen to learn and they may consider you for future roles.

4.  Don’t give up

Don’t be deterred, there will be the right opportunity out there for you. See every interview as an opportunity to improve your interview skills. If the place you were rejected from really is the only place you want to work, keep in touch. Even regular interaction on social media keeps you on their radar.

5.  Stay positive

No one wants to employ a negative Nelly! Keep your chin up.

Remember Charles R Swindoll said: “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it.”


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