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Four ways to boost your Instagram following

You’ve got an Instagram profile, you’ve taken some attention-grabbing shots but your follower numbers aren’t growing. Why, you may be asking?

As social media experts, we know the answer!

The popular platform has more than a billion users but it’s not as easy to gain, and retain, followers as you may think.

You need to be strategic and spend some time analysing what works best for your business to boost your appeal to your target market.

Here are four ways to help increase your following:

  1. Remember consistency – This is key to encourage following. The Pack recommend posting at least once a day, the best results are generated from regular posting.
  2. Make the most of all tools on the app – Don’t just post to your feed; use Instagram Stories, post videos and go live!
  3. When it comes to hashtags, think quality not quantity – Location hashtags are essential to ensure you’re making your content visible to your target market. We would suggest including five to nine hashtags in a post, these can be within or at the end of your main caption.
  4. Use business analytics – Have you ever taken a look at your profile’s business analytics? Go on Instagram Insights and discover the days and times your followers are most active. You can also see which content has performed the best and was the most engaging.

Do you feel like you may need some help with your social media strategy? Don’t hesitate to throw The Pack a bone on 01325 486666, or email pr@harveyandhugo.com.


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