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Frequently Asked Questions in PR – Coverage

This month, we’re focusing our blogs around questions we’re frequently asked when it comes to press releases. This one focuses on when and where coverage will be achieved:


Q: When will my story appear in the media once it’s distributed?

A: We only write releases that are strong enough for the media to use, so we have every faith it will be used, but we can never say exactly when it will appear which is frustrating.

Once the release is sent out to the media it’s in their hands and down to our skills of persuasion.

Some journalists and editors let us know when they plan on using it and although this is a great guide, sometimes the story may still not appear if more urgent news has broken and taken up the space that your story was going to be used in.

Sometimes our stories are used the next day, sometimes it takes a couple of months for coverage to appear, especially if you’re targeting monthly or bimonthly magazines. If targeting a mix of media i.e. online, daily press and monthly magazines, it can take a good few months for all of the coverage to appear, which is great as it keeps your company in the spotlight for that whole period of time. It also depends how in demand the publication is with stories as to when they can fit yours in.

Even though we often can’t tell you exactly when your story will appear, we will always keep you updated on feedback and will let you know when coverage has appeared.


Q: Where will my story appear?

A: Again we can’t guarantee exactly where coverage will appear but we will only send it to media outlets that would typically use your story.

It’s very rare that everywhere we send your release to will use the story, as often if one media outlet has done a big piece on it, this will put the other platforms off using it as it will be old news.

Sometimes the publication may have just run with a similar story, therefore can’t use yours or perhaps some news has broken that affects your story, for example it may now be insensitive or no longer relevant.

Like in the above answer, we will always keep you updated on where it’s looking likely that coverage will appear and let you know as soon as it has.