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Fuelling your marketing

To get anywhere in life, we need motivation – something that fuels us.

It can be wanting an easier life, feeding your children or simply wanting to impress someone, even if it’s ourselves. Some of these fuels can burn brightly and get us places quickly, but run out fast, or they can be long-lasting, efficient and easy to refuel.

So, what does this have to do with marketing strategy?

Well, if you have your fuel, you’ll need a way to burn it; a vehicle to help you reach your goals. That’s where your business comes in – it’s a way for customers to get what they need. If you can reach your clients and give them multiple opportunities to burn their fuels and reach their goals, your marketing has done its job.

For a marketing strategy to be most effective, it should give customers the opportunity to burn both their sustainable and brightly-burning fuels.

For example, a gym can quickly appeal to customers wanting to feel good about themselves with a limited time offer, like half price membership for the first month. But to keep those customers, providing opportunities to maintain a healthy lifestyle through classes and personal trainers will keep the good fuels burning for far longer and have customers investing further in membership, even after the offer has run out.

McDonald’s and other fast food companies focus on our different fuels effectively in their different advertising campaigns. Offers of fast, cheap food help us get quick and tasty satisfaction that isn’t sustainable, but their use of locally and well-sourced ingredients reassures us that the brand is worth going back to, time and again.

So, the next time you’re planning your campaigns, consider what fuels your customers – positive or negative, efficient or fast – and give them as many varied opportunities to burn them as you can.


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