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Getting more value out of your blog content

Longer than a social media post and more personal than a press release, blogs are a versatile form of content that lets you both engage with your customers and educate them on your brand.

You may have found however, that once a blog has been published and read, it simply sits on your website and gathers cyber dust. With a little attention and some careful planning, this can be avoided.

As a Newcastle marketing agency, we know there are many ways to draw even more value out of your blog content which we wanted to share with you.


Launch your blog on social media

Easy, right? You’d be surprised how few companies do this. The best way to increase the impact of your blog is to expose it to a wider audience. There could be thousands of potential customers within your social media following who’d be super interested in what you have to say. When you publish your latest blog, share the link and an enticing post across all your social media accounts. Doing this will hopefully help your initial readership stats skyrocket, along with your conversion rate.


Use a scheduling program to push older content

Your blogs may be a week or two past their publishing date but that doesn’t mean they no longer have value. There are a number of scheduling programs which let you put social media posts into a cycle, which are then posted out on your accounts automatically. Take the initial launch posts mentioned above and save them into this cycle, and your older content will be regularly pushed out to new followers who missed it first time round.


Use your blogs to inspire new content

With multiple ways of delivering content across platforms, there are endless opportunities to transform what you already have into something new and exciting. If you have a product, service or technical blog, you could take key information and deliver it as a video FAQ on Snapchat and Instagram. Don’t forget to redirect these followers to your website if they want the full story and watch those conversion rates climb. Also, reading content aloud adds a whole new dimension to it, so consider delivering your content verbally in podcasts and presentations.


We hope we’ve helped you understand how to get more value out of your blog content. If you’d like to know more, or would like to know how we can help you, tweet us at @HarveyandHugo.


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