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Good advice for Twitter users

So you have made it onto Twitter and understand the basics, but want to know more?BRUSSELS - MARCH 03: Twitter hit by hackers. About 40 companies

Here are 25 tips to help enhance your Twitter presence:

  1. Find people’s questions in your business sector and answer them
  2. You cannot run Twitter successfully with an egg avatar – make your account your own
  3. Don’t just follow random people, retweet and favourite
  4. If you put yourself out there as a professional, you have to answer all messages you receive
  5. Reply to everything except spam if you run your company’s Twitter account
  6. Disconnect all Twitter accounts on your mobile when going to a party with alcohol!
  7. If you are out of ideas of what to share, look at your competitors
  8. Look at your profile and ask yourself if you would read and follow it
  9. Leave some characters spaces on your tweet in case you are retweeted
  10. Mention your Twitter handle to people whenever you can –  e.g. @HarveyandHugo
  11. Consider sending a thank you for every share and mention
  12. Watch carefully for autocorrect
  13. Don’t overuse #hashtags
  14. Check #hashtags for popularity before tweeting
  15. Participate in your industry’s Twitter chats
  16. Check your facts and quotes before posting them
  17. Twitter is visual so post relevant pictures and photos
  18. Ask people about themselves and retweet answers
  19. Subscribe to Twitter’s official blog to stay current and alert @Twitter
  20. Join conversations and make sure it doesn’t look like you did it for promotional goals only
  21. Twitter is social not promotional!
  22. Tweet content that your audience will find relevant
  23. Use abbreviations to keep it short and save some space
  24. Your account shouldn’t look like a fake, enter your location and link it to your website
  25. Don’t tweet about over shared news

Or if it is too much to think about, let Harvey & Hugo take the strain, tweet us @HarveyandHugo

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