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Great stories for a press release

Public Relations word cloudOften people fail at the first hurdle when writing a press release by picking a topic that’s not newsworthy, so here’s some tips on picking a great angle for a story.

Make sure you focus on the USPs of your new business to help it hit the news

Don’t just write about the new apprentice starting, wait until you have a few new starters or senior appointments

A leap in profit and turnover can secure you column inches. Even announcing exciting plans for next year can be great for press too

If you’re moving into significantly larger premises or opening another office, shout it from the roof tops

If you win some new business that is unique, exciting or of large value get a press release written

The launch of a unique new product or service is definitely worth a release


Often we hear when suggesting the above story ideas “but I’m just a small company and those things don’t happen very often!”


You can still be proactive to create stories by:


Unsure if you’ve got a news story? Run it by us and we’ll provide you with honest feedback.


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