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I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed being part of the social media tutorial which Charlotte and Tori of Harvey & Hugo conducted last Wednesday. I run a small alternative retail business in Darlington, and although I am not great with computers, I think that as well as a physical shop in our town centre, a strong internet presence is also very vital in these challenging and changing times. guru

I already have some well followed internet activity in place, such as Facebook and Twitter accounts etc., but I realise I don’t use them as effectively as I should be doing. I put a lot of time and effort into social networking and find it a pleasure and I enjoy interacting with our customers and friends, but I don’t really understand how things work. I realised after your tutorial, that as well as enjoying our web interactions and accounts, they can also be valuable assets in ensuring the future success of my unique little business.

I picked up lots of tips in the comparatively short time I spent at the tutorial, such as how to attract new fans via internet traffic to our shop and to our website, how to target specific groups of people, and that with a little thought as to content and timing, it is possible to reach more people and to show up better in rankings. You suggested it might be beneficial to also open a Google+ account too given how important it is to show up well in Google ratings, so I have gone ahead and done that now.

There is so much more to learn, but you have whetted my appetite. I found the tutorial friendly, educational and also very inspiring. Thank you so much for giving me new impetus to discover how to use the very valuable tool of social media to better effect.

Beryl Hankin

Guru Boutique, Darlington

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