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Harvey: A most ingenious dog in a most ingenious town

Our ‘Ingenious Harvey’ is getting a fair bit of attention at the moment, so we thought we’d blog about it to explain the inspiration behind it and encourage others to get involved.


We attended one of the Ingenious Darlington launch events to unveil the new brand for the town and we loved the idea that businesses could use their creativity to put their own stamp on it. We spent the rest of the event furiously sketching ideas and by the end of it we’d already decided what we wanted to do for Harvey & Hugo.


The idea comes from Harvey’s extremely resourceful personality. He can be very creative when it comes to finding a way of getting what he wants, especially when it comes to food.


We found a picture of Harvey where we thought that he had a bit of a look of George Stephenson about him and thought this was the perfect image to use as Darlington was after all the birthplace of the railway; perhaps its most ingenious creation.


We’ve received a lot of positive feedback about ‘Ingenious Harvey’ already, with one client texting us as soon as they saw it to say, “It’s blown their mind!” When we uploaded it to Facebook, people said it was the best Facebook cover photo they’d seen in a long time.


We’re hoping it will inspire others to get involved as it’s a great chance for Darlington businesses and the local community to show off their creative talents.


People are often negative about ideas to promote the town as a whole and think it has little to do with them and their business. We see it as a massive opportunity to first of all show our ingenuity in our idea and we also believe if we all help promote our town, it will help us all and the businesses within it in the long-run.


Harvey & Hugo deliver ingenious PR, social media and content marketing campaigns with the aim of generating desire for our clients’ brands and spreading positivity throughout the North East, in particularly Darlington where we are based.


This is not the first time, we have been recognised for our quirky ideas. Harvey & Hugo was set-up to offer a more flexible choice in PR, with our award-winning ‘Pay-as-Hugo’ services. This was developed around Hugo’s free-spirited and daring nature.


There is one downfall of creating this idea…..Hugo is a little put out by all of the appreciation that Harvey is currently getting. I think we’ll have to create one for Hugo next….watch this space!

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