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Harvey & Hugo’s dos and don’ts of expos

This Summer we have been across the North East at several expos – including the Impact & Exchange exhibition, Show Your Mussel and Tees Valley Business Summit.

We have had a great time barking about Harvey & Hugo, who we are and our range of services at each event.

No matter where the expo is, the theme or set up, there are unwritten rules you can follow to help generate genuine conversations and new business leads. But there are also things you should avoid…

So here we share our top three dos and don’ts to make the most out of your expo experience, whether visiting or exhibiting:


1.  If you’re exhibiting, make your stand as visually engaging as possible. Including a screen with a video or animation always helps you to stand out from the crowd.

2.  Smile! It might seem obvious, but make sure you’re friendly and approachable or people won’t want to communicate with you.

3. Tell people where you are! If you’re exhibiting at an expo, make sure you’re shouting about it on social media and on your website. It’s also good to engage with fellow exhibitors and the organisers on social media too.


1. Sell sell sell….without buying a stand! It’s our biggest pet peeve. Guests who come purely to sell, without paying for a stand, can really get peoples’ backs up.

2. Don’t sit down. Sitting down behind your stand can make you come across as unapproachable. Remember it’s all about communication at expos, and you can say a lot without saying a word.

3. Don’t give too much away. There are those who, unfortunately, simply come for the freebies. If you want to encourage real connections don’t make yourself an attraction to the expo magpies.


We have a couple of very exciting expos coming up! You can catch us at the following:

DL Expo – Mowden Park RFC, 19th September.

Impact and Exchange –   Sedgefield Racecourse, 4th October

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