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Harvey’s social media hang-ups!

Every business has to keep the CEO happy and lately Harvey’s been rather disgruntled about activity on social media. He’s asked me to share his feedback with you… harv


Automated posts

He’s not a fan of these at all as they stop social media being social (which is the whole point!).


Poor content

Don’t just post for the sake of it! Make your content high quality, helpful and creative and you’re more likely to get more interaction and RTs.


Sales pitches

Harvey believes social media is for building a brand rather than direct sales. You wouldn’t walk into a networking event and just start a sales pitch without building conversation would you? Well don’t do it online either.


Setting-up accounts and not using them

This does your brand more harm than if you didn’t have an account. People may think you’re rude if they tweet to you and no one replies. If you’re not using the accounts, delete them.


Not replying

Remember it’s a two way game, it’s not just about posting content. Sometimes the most valuable part of social networking can be in the listening. Instead of just ‘favouriting’, try actually replying too.


Bad grammar and spelling

Everyone makes typos from time to time particularly when posting content from a mobile device, but continuous bad spelling and grammar really gets Harvey’s goat! It does your brand no favours either as it doesn’t make you look professional.



Trolls are just plain annoying! The best thing to do is not respond and hopefully they’ll go away!



Unfortunately there’s more and more viruses about at the moment. Often they disguise themselves as a competition or pretending someone has taken a photo of you. If you notice anything suspicious, don’t click on the link. Instead block and report them ASAP.


So next time you’re on social media, let’s try and keep Harvey happy!



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