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Has video killed the radio star?

Many people agree with the sentiment The Buggles sang (on the wireless back in ’52) that video killed the radio star. But did it, or was it just sleeping?

The BBC’s radio services began in 1922 and quickly launched a series of programmes containing everything from music and comedy to news and drama. These shows were the lifeblood of the British Broadcasting Corporation – we’ve all seen the photographs of families gathered around the wireless.

Some of the nation’s most important messages have been delivered through the airwaves, from the King’s Speech to the announcement of World War Two breaking out.

With the advent of television and cinema, and later the internet and social media, radio programmes as we knew them – the core source of entertainment – has been changed and is now simply something that’s ‘on in the car’ on our commute to and from work or the supermarket.

But are the traditional radio shows such as ‘I’m sorry I haven’t a clue’, ‘Any Questions’, ‘Children’s Hour’ and even dare I say ‘The Archers’ making a resurgence in a different guise?

Yes. Podcasts. Around 7.1 million people listen to podcasts in the UK with the industry set to become a $1 billion media market in 2020.

One look at Spotify shows that there are now podcasts hosted by various celebrities, historians and yes, businesses, talking about every topic imaginable.

These shows, varying in length from 15 minutes to over two hours, are a fantastic way to reach your target market in a way that otherwise may be impossible. Not only that, you potentially have the opportunity to share the space with your peers and even competitors to talk about the important issues in your industry.

Don’t get me wrong, launching a podcast can be tough. With the cost of equipment, production, marketing and potentially fees for guests, it is a big commitment.

So why not start small? Look for opportunities for you and/or your team to be guests on podcasts, or open up your offices for features and profiles.

As a business you know your industry and customers, talk about it in blogs and social media, and are well known in the sector as experts in your field.

So, don’t let video kill the podcast star – especially if you have a face for radio!


For help on looking for podcasting opportunities or reaching new audiences, throw us a bone on 01325 734800 or info@harveyandhugo.com


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