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Hashtag Hysteria

We all know that hashtags are a great way of categorising your social media posts and engaging other people in conversations particularly if the hashtag is trending.

You can search out opinions, news, images and just about anything else that you’re after through the power of the trusty hashtag.

We all also know that you need to double-check your hashtag before posting (as mentioned in our last blog). Ensuring it has no unintended meanings or connotations and isn’t associated with something that you want nothing to do with.

It’s pretty simple to cover your back, simply take the time to look at the posts the hashtag has already been used in. Don’t rush to jump on the latest trend without understanding the background behind it, otherwise you could end up stepping in a great big steaming pile of embarrassment and apology.


(In reference to the Aurora School shootings.)


Inventing your own hashtag can be a great way to get your audience to engage and build up hype around a social media campaign. But beware – this too is fraught with danger!

Stop and think to yourself “Will people respond well to this?”

If the answer’s “No” then move on and forget about it. You’ll just end up creating more work for yourself and having to carry out crisis control that otherwise wouldn’t have been necessary!



(It’s a struggle to think of many #McDStories that have a good ending…)


We’re experts at implementing social media campaigns that will get you noticed for all the right reasons. Get in touch and we can help you stand out from the crowd!



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