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How do I know which social media platform is right for me?

The world of social media is an exciting place, but it can be challenging to decide which platforms are worth investing time in and which aren’t. How useful are the platforms? How many people can I reach? How do I know if I’m ‘doing it right’?

There are three main things that you need to consider when choosing social media platforms – your demographic, style and function of the platform and most importantly, what you want to achieve. Let’s go through the basics of the four most popular networks used for business.


Facebook is one of the most popular and powerful social networks there is. With 1.28 billion active users a month and the ability to boost and promote certain aspects of what your business has to offer, it’s a great platform to reach consumers. The age range of users sits mostly in the 18-24 bracket with 75 per cent of people spending 20 minutes or more a day on the platform. They have also recently introduced Facebook Live, which can be advantageous for anything from demonstrations to question and answer sessions.

Top tip: Make sure you have the ratings and reviews section active. If potential customers can see first hand how great your products are, they’re more likely to consider purchasing them.


In the last decade, Twitter’s popularity has continued to grow. Twitter allows for the creation of immediate, topical conversation and direct interaction with consumers. The ability to create your own, personalised feed based on the accounts you follow allows you to stay in the know about your competitors and industry news. Using hashtags makes your content more searchable, and you can use them to engage with and grow your network further. From breaking news to limited time offers – this platform could work for you.

Top tip: Try to include a visual element in your tweet like a picture or a video, to make your post stand out in a feed.


As a B2B platform with over 106 million monthly users, LinkedIn has become a popular platform in the business world. There is a range of targeting options available and the platform enables you to grow your professional network. Think of your LinkedIn profile as your resume or business card – it’s a marketing tool.

Top tip: Don’t forget to spend some time on the About Me section of your profile. The right key words can place you higher in search results.


Instagram is arguably the most visual of these platforms. A focus on visual elements can be excellent for companies in industries such as retail but can also add value for a company who wants to reflect their business’ personality in their content. The use of hashtags makes content more searchable, so even if you have a small following, your post has the potential to be served to thousands of viewers.

Top tip: Don’t forget about local influencers. They may not have as many followers as the big companies, but their potential direct link to your audience makes them valuable.

Still unsure? If you’re baffled by social media, we can help! Throw us a bone on 01325 486666.

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