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How far does social media’s influence stretch?

At Teesside University’s Darlington campus we were treated to a great spread including king prawns with sweet chilli sauce, cheese burger crostinis and smoked salmon bagels along with the main course, Social Media guru Christer Holloman (@holloman). Christer Holloman

Once Christer was introduced along with his accolades, we knew we were in for a treat!  He had written for Sky, Guardian and GQ to name but a few, not to mention setting up multiple businesses including a Rent-A-Santa company! Christer was also named ‘One of London’s most influential individuals within new media’ by The Evening Standard

He started with a bold quote from Picasso – ‘Bad artists copy. Good artists steal’.  You shouldn’t be afraid to use something that has worked for someone else.

He then went on to give us examples of how social media is quickly setting about changing our world…

Key Digital Trends – Thanks to social media, change is afoot!

Digital Lifecycle – How is social media influencing the way we live our lives?

New Services – What else is available?

Business models – how have companies adapted to social media?

So how do you deliver ROI though social?

According to Christer there are 7 steps to success –

  1. Define business goals – what value are you going to place on a ‘Like’?
  2. Establish benchmarks – against competitors as well as past campaigns
  3. Realistic expectations – make sure you get your timings right
  4. Tools to track – use the likes of Bitly / Hootsuite and Radian6
  5. Launch – give your campaign a kick start
  6. Evaluate – keep changing and improving
  7. Iterate – repeat this process

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