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How NOT to get a PR job

Honestly, some of the people we get applying for jobs, you’d think they were doing their very best to make sure they’re never recruited. We thought we’d blog about some of the big mistakes in the hope future applicants will learn from them.

I know the below do sound obvious, and perhaps a little patronising, but they are all things that have happened on more than one occasion!

How NOT to get a PR job, North East PR, Harvey & Hugo PR, Harvey and Hugo PR, Applying for a job in PR, CV disaster,   1. Spell the Company name wrong – This is a sure way to ensure your CV isn’t even opened.

2. Spell your name wrong – Sounds obvious but it’s happened on more than one occasion!

3. Send a beautifully worded covering letter addressed to a competitor – This makes us angry!

 4. Using terrible spelling and grammar – These skills are so important to the job.

 5. CC into the email everyone who you’re applying to – That really makes us feel special!

 6. Provide a general covering letter that you’ll have sent to everyone – Again, we want to feel special!

 7. Call us and mention that you’ve ‘seen something somewhere about an advert but you’re not sure what it’s about’ – Great first impression!

 8. Get your Mum to call up and enquire for you – Is your Mum going to come in to work with you every day too?

9. Have social media profile pictures of you in inappropriate swimwear while downing a pint – Classy!

10. Apply even though you can’t make the interview date – That’s just wasting our time.


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