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How to avoid fireworks in a crisis

Some crises fizzle out as quickly as they start, but some may continue to flicker and burn until a statement needs to be made for the flames to die down. Here are a few of our top tips for how you can avoid fireworks when your business is hit with a crisis bombshell…


Take responsibility, be transparent and be accountable

We live in an era where social media means news travels fast and unfortunately, that applies to good and bad.

It comes back to the old adage we’ve been taught by our parents, grandparents, and their grandparents before that – honesty is the best policy. Don’t try and cover up your crisis if the whispers have started.


Remember to be human

Customers, clients and the general public can’t connect with a faceless brand. Having a good company personality and staying empathetic and apologetic (if needed) will always help in a crisis.

Humans make mistakes, and if you can remain personable in your crisis people will be much more forgiving. It’s also important to identify who will be your spokesperson in times of crisis – do they fit the personality you want to portray?


Plan, communicate, and don’t add fuel to the fire

Of course, you can’t always fully plan for a crisis – if you could you’d plan for them to not happen, right? But once that fire has been lit, it’s time to get your strategy in order.

Some people may think social media will do more harm than good when in the middle of a crisis, but if it’s done right it can be your best friend. Prepare responses for any negative comments, don’t let your team go rogue and don’t start posting until your plan is completely in place.


And our top tip to avoid fireworks in a crisis? Call us! We love dealing with good news, but we’re well-equipped to handle bad news too.

If you find yourself fighting a fire, throw us a bone and check out our Pay-as-Hugo Spade press release package. We’ll have your sparkle back in no time.


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