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How to be a grammar top dog

As a PR, social media and content marketing company, at Harvey & Hugo we’re pretty hot on our grammar. We even have a member of The Pack known as ‘Captain Grammar’.

When you’re writing, correct grammar can be the key differentiator between sounding professional and, well, not.

No one is perfect and proof reading will always be important, but here are a few tips to help you avoid those common grammar pitfalls and sound like the professional you are.



Tripping many people up, apostrophes are used to show possession: Hugo’s ball, Harvey’s bed

And also where there is a contraction: we don’t like poor grammar.

Apostrophes are not required in a plural unless the criteria above are met. When using ‘it’, remember that this cannot be possessive.


Split infinitives

An infinitive is the base form of a verb, such as ‘to run’ or ‘to read’. Where you are adding adverbs such as ‘quickly’, this must be placed after the infinitive rather than in the middle of it.

So, ‘to run quickly’ is correct, but ‘to quickly run’ is not.


I.e. and e.g.

The two are often mixed up but have clear differences. I.e. means ‘that is’, whereas ‘e.g.’ means ‘for example’.


The comma

There are many times where commas are required – we could write a full blog on this! They can be handy for avoiding embarrassment or awkward situations…

‘I like eating my family and animals’ has a very different meaning to ‘I like eating, my family, and animals’.

Here are a few uses:


Semi colons

These are used to separate two separate clauses which are independent but closely related.

For example: The office is busy; everyone is here today.



Use colons after complete sentences to introduce a phrase, clause, word, quotation, or list.

For example: We must remember to: research our content, write it creatively, and proof it.

Are you in a grammatical quandary? Throw us a bone on 01325 486666 or see www.harveyandhugo.com.


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