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How to build a creative business…

creativity word cloud on blackboardI (Amy) recently attended Entrepreneurs’ Forum’s ‘Building a Creative Business’ event with Lorne Campbell – the award-winning artistic director of Northern Stage. And what a creative afternoon we had!

Lorne started off the creative session by stating: ‘We are all creative people… however, it has been blocked in us throughout the years” – very interesting… and very true (I believe)!

Let me share his wisdom with you…


Safe Space

There is a huge relationship between comfort and creativity – the more comfortable people are in a situation, the more creative they can be.

So, eliminate ‘The Fear’ amongst your employees and provide a ‘Safe Space’ for them to be creative. Show them they will not be knocked down, discouraged or humiliated for suggesting their ideas.

As Lorne said: ‘Collaborate, don’t compete’ in the ‘Safe Space’.


Play Time

Let your team play and be creative.

Encourage ‘Play Time’ through the general culture of your business – whether that be through quirky wall paper, the freedom of regular breaks or funky music. Make it acceptable to be creative in your work place.

Just by showing your team you’re creative will subconsciously make them feel more relaxed to participate in ‘Play Time’ with their colleagues.


Release your inner child

It’s amazing how much more creative children can be than adults, and there is a good reason for this – boundaries.

Boundaries stop people from being creative. For example, adults may hold back their ideas because they don’t want to be seen as rude, they’ve been shot down too many times in the past or because they don’t want to be labelled as the ‘weirdo’.

Release your inner child and get creative – don’t hold back!


Think differently

If we always think the same, we will always come up with the same results. Let’s mix it up a bit… Force yourself to think differently – Lorne suggested expressing your ideas through sketches only.


Break down the barriers

Although it’s helpful to think differently and sometimes by doing so setting rules, on the other hand it is also important to break down barriers.

Forget about the budget and time scale – let your mind go wild!


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