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How to construct the perfect tweet

How to construct the perfect tweet

Who would have thought you could achieve so much with a single tweet of 140 characters, an image and a URL? There are a multitude of different ways that you can structure a tweet but what’s the best way to get your tweet to succeed?


First things first, get your Twitter priorities straight

Have personality – use a consistent, human voice which engages the reader.  This is the prefect platform to let your hair down!

Choose your hashtag – catchy hashtags work best for all campaigns and remember the key rule… choose your hashtag carefully or else face the consequences #Susanalbumparty

Engage your followers on a 1:1 basis – there is nothing worse than a brand that is not social.  Show an interest in the communities around you and opinions of people within it, don’t focus too much on publishing your content. Remember it needs to be push as well as pull!  After all this is SOCIAL media.


Second things second… add an image!

Did you know? “tweets from businesses that contain images are 34% more likely to get retweeted than tweets from businesses with no image at all.” – SocialBro, 2014

Choosing the right image – wait until you have an image that others will want to see, demonstrate value and give them something to share, use striking images in your posts to increase ‘shareability’.  Remember it needs to stand out in their news feed and not camouflage itself.

Be legal – do you have the right to publish that photo?  If not make sure you credit the owner of the image, you don’t want the police to come knocking on your door.  Image stock websites can help.

Careful – Don’t use misleading images or anything sensitive that is likely to offend, you’ll end up doing your brand more harm than good.

Image quality – Make sure the image is not pixelated, think about the big screen as well as the little one.


Lastly, if you are linking content…

Where should you place the URL? Research has proved that placing your link in the middle of the tweet results in the most interaction.  Now all you need to do is make sure you say something intriguing before the link to get the attention of the reader.

Be open and honest – Explain why you have found it interesting or valuable enough to share it with them.

Run out of space?  Shorten the link to make room for more characters using a link shortening tool like Bit.ly.

Construct away!  Remembering that a successful tweet is as much down to following the right process as it is being creative.

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