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How to get more people to read your content

Blog Bullhorn - IsolatedUpload on social media

Make sure you upload every blog, article or news story to all social media accounts.


Incorporate key words

Use key words in your content to optimise it – this way search engines such as Google are likely to rate it higher and more people will find and read it.


Build links with associates

If your content is relatable to that of an associate, ask them to upload it to their site – it’s good for you, and them.


Accept guest writers

Encourage inspirational people to write content for your website – it’s good to mix things up a bit – plus it’s great PR for the person writing it.


Check, check, check!

Any error – small or large can break your relationship with a reader; make sure you don’t make silly mistakes that will annoy your reader.


Read other people’s content

Take a look at what others are saying, and comment – you never know, they may read yours back.

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