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How to help make your Facebook page more influential and interactive:

Facebook, blog, blogging services, facebook posts, interactive, likes, Harvey & Hugo, PR, North EastWith Facebook being the most popular social networking website, it’s important to help make your company’s page attractive to fans and potential fans.

We’ve put together five points to help make your Facebook page more appealing. Please see below:

1.     Keep your posts short and snappy:

Posts with 80 characters or less receive 23% more interaction than posts with more characters – remember, people don’t have time to read essays whilst on their lunch break.

2.     Tell your fans to ‘Like’, ‘Share’ and comment:

Posts which ask fans to ‘Like’, ‘Share’ and comment are more likely to receive interaction than those that don’t – don’t be afraid to tell your customers to like your new product or service if it floats their boat.

3.    Ask questions:

Posts that ask questions receive 92% more comments than posts that don’t ask questions, therefore, feel free to ask your fans if they’re having a good day – it shows you care too.

4.     Inspire people:

Post inspirational quotes relevant to your business, you never know, you might just help a potential client through their day – they won’t forget you then.

5.     Post visual content:

Make your page more visually appealing with photographs and videos – after all, following a long day of typing, people might prefer something a little easier on the eye.

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