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How to keep journalists happy

PRHave you spent hours on the perfect press release?… Are you ready to unleash it to the media world?… If so, make sure you keep journalists happy along the way with our top tips…


Only distribute quality information

Don’t waste journalists time with un-newsworthy stories – you may be excited about the installation of an espresso machine in your office, but they certainly won’t be!


Do your research

Don’t send your press release to the Yorkshire Post if the story is solely about a company in Newcastle… And definitely don’t send a business expansion story to a farming editor! Always do your research before distributing.


Get your colleagues on board

Make sure your colleagues know when a press release has been distributed – especially the people involved in the release. If a journalist asks for an interview with one of your colleagues at least they are prepared.


Be quick

When a journalist asks for information on your release get it to them and get it to them as fast as you possibly can. Remember, journalists are working to tight deadlines and therefore so are you!


Be helpful

When a journalist asks how many people work in your company – find out for them, even if it means counting each and every person yourself! The more helpful you are the more they’ll trust and like you.


Always have a press shot

It’s true what they say ‘a picture’s worth a thousand words’ – sometimes journalists are on the hunt for a great photo feature, so always make sure you send them a great press shot (and don’t forget to add a caption).


Keep on top of features

Find out what features journalists have coming up and see if you have a story that fits the bill – if so, let them know… You never know, you could be doing them a massive favour!


Be personal

Did you try calling a journalist a couple of weeks ago and their colleague said they were on holiday? If so, make a note of that and remember to ask them how their trip was when they’re back. It’s extremely important to build your media relations.


Don’t harass them

Give journalists time to look at your release and decide if it’s something they can use or not… If you call them an hour after they said they’ll take a look at it when they get a chance, you’ll probably just annoy them. If the release isn’t time sensitive, at least give them a day or two!


Don’t forget, reporters are your customers and if you give them what they want, they’ll keep coming back.


If after utilising all of our tips, you still can’t generate any media coverage, give us a call on 01325 486666 and we’ll do the job for you – after all, that’s what we’re here for.


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