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How to keep your twitter followers

It is extremely important to gain followers that are from your target market, so you can build relationships with them, as well as promote your products and services… BUT, it’s just as essential to keep your followers – or else you’ll have no one to interact with.

So, with this in mind, we’ve put together some tips on keeping your follower numbers up…

Keep tweeting

It’s important to tweet at least a few times a week to engage with your target market.

Be relevant

Make sure the content you’re posting is relevant to your target market – if your target market is fish and chip shops, then, throw in some fish facts.

Ask people to interact

As the famous saying goes – ‘If you don’t ask, you won’t get’ – don’t be afraid to ask people to re-tweet (AKA ‘RT’) your tweets… The more approachable your tweets appear the more likely people will interact and be interested.

Be careful what you tweet

Don’t distribute your cynical or prejudice views on twitter – if you upset people with your opinions, you will lose your followers – simples!

Spice it up a bit

There’s nothing worse than an account which constantly tweets the same line – even more so if it’s a promotional tweet! Keep your content fresh and friendly.


Have some manners – if someone asks you a question don’t ignore them, make it your mission to get an answer back to them ASAP!

Thank people for RTs

If someone RTs your tweet, thank them, or else they might not do it again – everyone likes to be appreciated.

Follow back

Always follow your followers, from your target market, back… If you don’t follow them back they may unfollow you.

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