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How to make your company blog sound more human

In a world where 80% of small and medium businesses (SMBs) are running their own blog and generating their own unique content, it can be pretty challenging to make your own stand out from the crowd.

And yet, whilst it is undoubtedly beneficial for your business to have its own blog (and if yours doesn’t, then make sure you consider getting one!) 30% of SMB’s blog content can be read as generic, uninteresting and even robotic, treating content like advertising by focusing only on brand talk. And you certainly don’t want that.

So how do you avoid creating robotic content and make your blog stand out we hear you ask? By making it sound more human, of course!

With our five tips, your content can go from reading like a dull and dreary paid advertisement, to having a fun and exciting conversation with a friend, which will in turn improve your blog’s reach, engagement and shares – result!

Start with a quirky headline

As found by web analytics entrepreneur, Neil Patel, as many as eight out of ten people will read a headline of a blog, but only two of those people will go ahead to read the post. How to avoid this blogger’s nightmare? Make sure you have a quirky headline! You can do this by creating a funny pun, keeping your headline under 10 words with maximum SEO and maintaining a little bit of mystery.

Keep colloquial with the first person narrative

One of the most common factors of a boring blog, is a third-person narrative. If you refer to yourself as a business, you’re automatically putting distance between yourself and your reader.

By simply using pronouns like ‘I’, ‘we’, ‘our’ and ‘you’ throughout your blog, you’ll change the tone from advertorial to interesting, keeping your readers engaged.

Shorten your paragraphs

Think about the online content that you read, including online newspapers, magazines and blog posts. Do you find you switch off and lose interest if a paragraph is over five lines? So do your readers. Keep your paragraphs short, simple and three to five lines maximum to make your blog easier to read (especially on mobile devices) and your target audience with you until the last word.

Use cultural comparisons and references

Another fantastic way to keep your blog post more human is, unsurprisingly, to relate to your reader. Has there been a national or even international event relating to your business in the week of your blog post? Reference it!

End with a question

Do you find even if your blog post has great click statistics, you don’t get many comments and engagement from your readers? End a blog post with a question! By ending your blog with an interrogative, asking your readers about what they have just read, you are far more likely to get comments, responses and shares from your target audience.

So there we have it, five simple tips to making your blog more human! We hope our tips can help improve your business’ blog and you have more fun creating engaging content.

What did you think about our tips? Do you have any to add? Then leave a comment or get in touch!



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