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How to start a blog – the beginners guide

Writing and sharing content has become the norm in the digital era and it brings great benefits to your growing business.

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It can be quite daunting having to start your own blog for your business, especially for those who have never written content before.

This guide is to ease some of those anxieties when starting your own blog and to give you a how-to on maintaining it.


1. Pick a blog topic

Stop writing things you think people want to hear, and write what you know. Are you passionate about a particular subject? It’s much easier to commit to blogging when you enjoy what you’re talking about.


2. Keep it simple

Don’t use five words when one will do. Long gone are the days when extensive vocabulary was an admired quality. Keep people interested without them having to use a dictionary. Also, beware of sounding pretentious, people will lose interest if it’s a difficult read.


3. Invite comments

Ask people for feedback, this is a great way to learn, albeit sometimes painful. Welcome it and handle it with grace.  We learn more from those who disagree with us, than from those who agree.


4. Share, share, share

Social media is key, the more you share, the more people will read and be enticed into visiting your site. Do not be protective of your ideas and tell the world what you know. It’s important to build a community within your industry and get acquainted with your audience.


5. Understand the data

Validation and even invalidation is a good thing. If your blog posts are getting no traffic, retweets, comments or likes, then this tells you that something may be wrong. Is the title of your blog post appealing? Is it an interesting read?  There’s no shame in going back to the drawing board and trying a new strategy.


After taking these tips on board, you’ll see a considerable boost in your confidence. If you need some extra help, or want to take your blog to the next step, please call us on 01325 486666.

For more information on Harvey & Hugo’s services, please visit: www.harveyandhugo.com

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