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How to turn your website into a hub for business news

For a London communications agency – or for any business in fact – websites form an interactive information centre for your business’ digital presence. It is where you educate your stakeholders, describe your products and services and generate sales. But your website is a versatile space which can be used for much more than educating and securing customers.

Transforming your website into a business news hub is an excellent way to drive traffic to your company page, build your reputation among businesses and consumers and craft a place for yourself at the forefront of your industry.

It can be difficult to know where to begin however, so let Harvey & Hugo give you some helpful tips to get you started.

Engage with business news

You want your readers and visitors to get their news from you, but where do you get your news? It’s likely that you will have a series of business news providers that you trust and whose content you regularly read to inform yourself on the business landscape. The best way to begin transforming your website into a news hub is by engaging with these stories in your own writing.

If you have an opinion to share on a news item, take it to your blog and start writing. Read up on various articles around the same news story and compare the angles they take. You can use these to communicate an opinion which is factually accurate, but also entirely independent. In doing so you present yourself as a forward-thinking company which engages with the industry in accurate and interesting ways, and readers will come back for more of your independent views.

Look beyond your own borders

Don’t confine yourself to news about your specific business when discussing industry news. Any number of things in any area of business can impact the effective running of your company, so staying informed is as important for you as it is for your readers.

Politics, for instance, may seem less relevant to a marketing agency in Newcastle with no governmental clients than to a London communications agency in close proximity to Parliament. However, the US Presidential Election inspired debates in fact-checking and accuracy of information which could have widespread impacts on the entire communications industry.

Whether the agency in question specialises in expert public relations campaigns or snappy social media marketing strategies, the shockwaves from that particular debate could cause considerable changes on how business is done. Many news stories don’t appear to have direct relevance to your area of business unless viewed from a certain angle. Finding the angle will give you an edge over your competitors and will enhance your reputation as a thought leader in your field.

Use hyperlinks

Obviously when citing the work of others, including news articles and reports, it is important to link back to the original source to avoid plagiarism. However, creating hyperlinks which connect to pages on your own website is a great way for you to guide traffic to key services and products.

Imagine you’ve produced an article about a certain problem in your industry, and your readers are looking for a solution. If you offer a product or service which can resolve that problem, you can take your readers there directly and turn page views into sales. This will cultivate a reputation for your website as the one-stop-shop for news and services within your field.

If by chance you cannot assist your readers with the problem they face, you can also refer them via hyperlink to another website where they can get more information on the issue. While you would be unwise to guide a potential customer towards a competitor, referring readers to information hubs where possible would build you up as a community player, whose care for its audience extends beyond the pursuit of sales.

Do you have any other questions about building your website into a business news hub? Tweet us your questions at @harveyandhugo. If you’re looking to work with a London communications agency on your next project, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Harvey & Hugo here.

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