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How to 'Twittertox' this January

Unfollow people

Have a good old de-clutter and unfollow people who aren’t in your target market. You can use free tools such as iunfollow.com


twitter iconRefresh your imagery

Bring your Twitter account back to life visually and change your profile picture and cover photo – New Year, New Pictures.


Reword your bio

Is your bio stuck in the past? Bring it back to life! Perhaps you have new services or news to add, or maybe you’ll just rejig it.


Delete your junk

Tidy inbox, tidy business mind! I know it looks like a challenge, but it’ll be well worth it… Open those unread spam messages and delete – be careful not to click on any viruses though!


So go on, what are you waiting for, give your Twitter a good dusting!

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