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How to use LinkedIn: A beginner’s guide

Our last Hugoversity seminar saw Head Girl, Charlotte and Prefect, Natalie welcome future LinkedIn leaders to Watson Woodhouse for our August class.

They covered all the basics, from reasons to use LinkedIn and optimising personal profiles, to managing company pages and more.

The session helped business people develop their skills and provided them with the knowledge they need to become and LinkedIn leader.

For those of you who missed the seminar, fear not! Here’s a brief breakdown of the presentation.

Reasons to use LinkedIn for business:

•  There are 500 million professionals use LinkedIn
•  It is the number one platform for B2B lead generation
•  Four out of five LinkedIn members drive business decisions

How to optimise your personal profile

Once you have created your LinkedIn profile, you want to make sure it’s completed, with all the boxes ticked and that it’s searchable.

Here are some of the key things you need to consider to ensure your profile is optimised:
• Cover image
• Profile image
• Headline
• Summary
• Contact details
• Experience
• Recommendations
• Skills & endorsements

How to optimise your company page

Similar to your personal profile, you need to ensure your company’s page is complete in order for LinkedIn’s search engines to make the page searchable.

What do you need to make sure you’ve completed?

• Cover image
• Summary
• Contact details
• Location
• Content

Content creation – Personal profile

There’s no point in having a profile if you’re not going to use its features to your advantage, helping you to build your connections and expand your network.

A simple way to help make your profile more intriguing to other LinkedIn members is through generating interesting and engaging content.

Need top content ideas?
• Share industry related news articles
• Attendance at networking events
• Promote company news
• Blogs as posts
• Be a thought leader in the industry
• Personal achievements – Qualifications, courses, work anniversary etc.
• Tips, tricks and how tos

Content creation – Company page

Yes, you’ve read this correctly. You do need to post on both your personal profile and company page, not only does content help to optimise the profile it brings the page to life. It’s your chance to shout about the amazing achievements of the firm and its employees.

Here are a few content ideas you may not have considered:
• Infographics
• Case studies
• Share team news e.g. birthdays and workiversaries
• Trivia

Engagement – Personal profile

As you know, content is Queen and engagement is King, so you need to make sure you’re engaging with not only your clients, but also your employees and any business leads.

These are just some of the fantastic, simple and quick ways to engage on LinkedIn:
• Connect after meetings and phone calls
• Join groups
• Like, comment and share
• Endorse skills
• Recommendations

We hope the above has helped you learn more about the professional social media network and has set you on the path to becoming a LinkedIn leader.

Our next seminar, ‘How to become a unicorn’, will be held on September 28th. Put your name on the register by following this link: hugoversity.com/seminar-programme/ or by emailing study@hugoversity.com.


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