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How to use social media to taste success during Newcastle Restaurant Week

Restaurants all around Newcastle are going to be licking their lips as this week gives them the chance to promote the best of their meals and deals.


Starting from January 18th and finishing on the 24th, Newcastle Restaurant Week will see 80+ eateries in the area offer some of their finest food for only £10 or £15 per person.


Deals like the above allow participating restaurants to draw in more customers, therefore it’s imperative for those involved to take advantage of social media to tell people all about what is being cooked up.


We thought we’d share some of our tips on how to make a big impact during the event and how to make sure you’re serving up some social media goodness, as well as delicious food.


Use the hashtag

To get your point across to the right people, use the #NE1RestaurantWeek hashtag to attract the right audience.


Post photos

Photos are a great way to capture someone’s attention and to show off the meals you’ve got to offer.


Build bonds

Be as friendly with your twitter followers as you would be with your customers. Maintaining a professional outlook is important, but building relationships by tweeting, retweeting and following others is a great way to promote your top offers.


Tweet consistently

Maintaining a strong social media presence is a must for this week, as the audience you’re targeting will be there to check out the hashtag. At least every 10-15 minutes is plenty for you to plug your own offers, but don’t be afraid to interact as much as you can too. Whatever you do, keep your tweeting consistent.


Thank them to encourage loyalty

Showing customers you appreciate their investment into your restaurant can be a great way to encourage them to come back. Saying thank you with simple tweet would make them feel extremely valued.


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