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How your blog and Pinterest can go hand in hand

Within the creative industries, social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are excellent channels to have an online presence.  You can showcase your own work or products, seek inspiration from other peers or escape for some creative stimulation. Pin1

For Pinterest especially, there is a huge community out there for you to reach, and by following simple steps you can attract more traffic to your blog or site.

1.     Make your blog or website “Pinterest friendly”

To gain more exposure of your blogposts, try and make your blog Pinterest-friendly. You can do this by featuring an image in your blogposts and making sure it’s “pinnable” to one of your Pinterest boards. If you link the pin back to your blog, you are sending traffic to both platforms.

Also, if you add the Pinterest follow button to your site, visitors will find it easy to click through to your Pinterest page.

 2.     Research blog ideas on Pinterest

Create a secret board on Pinterest as a safe-haven for any blog ideas you may have in the future. Remember, no one can see your secret board, so you can pin anything you like without the fear of anyone judging you.

 3.     Follow other Pinners in your niche or target market

If you’re in the wedding, interior design or similar industries, why not interact with other pinners in your market? Pinterest is filled with suppliers, customers, designers and more. Making connections, or even friends, is a great way to garner traffic to your blog.

 4.     Allow yourself to be creative

Don’t forget, blogs are a place for a bit of creative stimulation, so make sure you’re having fun while you’re at it. Pinterest is a great way to find “pinspiration” (sorry), so give yourself some time to browse through topics you want to write about. I say this with caution, however: don’t get carried away, as Pinterest is highly addictive!


Driving traffic to your blog and website is a strategy within itself, and it’s not as easy as you think. So if you need a hand, pick up the phone! 01325 486666.

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