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Hugoversity: New Trends for 2018 – Part 1

On Friday January 26th, Prefects, Natalie and Maddy, welcomed those from various industry sectors into Business Central for our first Hugoversity seminar of the year, New Trends for 2018.

Covering their predictions for the world of social media in the coming months, as well as offering some handy hints and tips to make sure their pupils are well ahead of the competition, the seminar was a huge success.

For those who missed out, fear not! We’ve got you covered with a summary of the seminar in our next two blog posts.


Digital detox

After the failure of Dry January (oops!), we thought it was about time to have an alternative detox – a digital detox.

It’s important to regularly take time to sieve through your unused apps and unnecessary junk, for a clearer frame of mind.

Make sure you spare five minutes per week to check out the latest apps in your industry that will help you stay ahead of the game! You’d be amazed at what you can download to speed up everyday tasks and even boost your productivity levels.


Augmented reality

Augmented reality (AR) is certainly on the rise thanks to its widespread introduction across big names such as Snapchat and Instagram, who now offer AR filters.

Although not a new concept, it’s a technology that superimposes a CGI image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view.

Brands can also project their products, such as sofas or wallpaper, directly into your room using special filters – who knew?!


Influencer marketing

“A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is — it is what consumers tell each other it is.” – Scott Cook, director of eBay and Procter & Gamble

We predict that we will most likely see more brands embracing influencer marketing as a way to connect with audiences who tend to ignore, or fail to see the benefits of, corporate strategies.

Over 90 per cent of marketers who employ an influencer marketing strategy believe it is successful. So, is this an opportunity to miss out on? We certainly don’t think so!


Messaging platforms

Over 2.5 billion people use messaging platforms globally, and yet brands are still primarily focused on connecting with consumers on social networks.

As a business, it’s important to invest more time and money in connecting with consumers on a one-to-one basis via messaging platforms to provide a more personalised, enjoyable experience.


Stay tuned for the next part of our Hugoversity: New Trends for 2018 blog…


Our next seminar is all about Creating Content in Today’s Attention Economy, and is taking place on Friday March 23rd.

How can you sign up? Check out the link below, and email study@hugoversity.com to register.


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