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Industrial & Marine Hydraulics Ltd (IMH)

We have been working with IMH since August, 2013. IMH is a world class engineering company based in Middlesbrough. It specialises in the marine, oil & gas, power generation and industrial sectors and its employees work all over the world.

Marketing objectives  

Overall, IMH’s aim is to ‘invest in the future of engineering’ and we strive to do this through the below objectives:


What we have done since August 2013



We have secured coverage in regional press and radio, as well as trade publications. This included press releases on the appointment of IMH’s new managing director and the launch of its training centre.


Publications include:

And more.


Here is an example of the press coverage we generated for the announcement of IMH’s new managing director:


Here is another example of the press coverage we generated for the pre and post-event of the launch of IMH’s training centre.

IMH Coverage Board


We have also secured profile building opportunities for IMH’s managing director in the below publications:

Meet The Boss 11.8.14

The Gazette Interview of the Week 11 11 14


Social media

We support many of IMH’s objectives through the use of social media, in particular Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We chose to focus on these platforms as they allow us to interact, engage and connect with young people.

So me




We post photographs and information about events and activities the IMH team are part of. We also share interesting articles young people would be interested in that are related to the engineering industry, such as the below:


So me



Through brainstorming sessions the ‘I’M H….’ campaign was born. We wanted to think of something that was diverse, incorporated IMH’s brand and that was timeless. This campaign can be tailored to any event / topic / platform.


logo 18



Promotional product

With IMH, we decided we would focus on the theme ‘Power of Liquids’, which ultimately IMH is all about – hydraulics. Off the back of this, we designed and created a drink and can – a promotional product which can be distributed at many events. As well as a product young people enjoy.


We tried and tested several flavours and can designs until we came up with a product that incorporate factors IMH represents – energy, fun, industrial, liquid and more.


We had thousands of cans created with the messages ‘I’M Hot’, ‘I’M Honoured’ and ‘I’M Happy’. We launched them alongside IMH’s Training Centre launch event.




Pic 2Pic 4








Event management


On October 3rd, 2014, IMH launched its Training Centre, where it will host its training scheme for hydraulic engineers, as part of its aim to ‘invest in the future of engineering’.


In advance of the event, we compiled a list of people to attend the event and manage the invitation list. Our goal was for 50 attendees, and 60 people showed up.


As well as this, we generated pre-event press coverage, arranged a photographer and other marketing materials.


The day was a great success and the IMH team were more than happy, as you can see…

Pic 5


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