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Innov8 Disposal Ltd

I have always done my own PR within the two companies that I own, and have always felt that the need for a PR company was unnecessary and costly as I achieved my own North East coverage and was happy with the result.innov8

However, when Charlotte from Harvey & Hugo joined BNI Harald, I decided that if we were going to start recommending her to others, then we would have to try out a Pay-as-Hugo press release.

Charlotte and her team wrote a fantastic article which we approved with our named suppliers prior to it going to press. I was then given updates from a  member of her team who told me exactly which local and trade press the article had been sent to.

The coverage we have received so far to date has been phenomenal and I can honestly say I was astounded by the amount of coverage we did receive – being a person who loves the limelight, I haven’t been disappointed.

My opinion of PR has changed completely and I would have no hesitation in recommending Charlotte and her amazing team to anyone who would like to put their business and good news stories in the limelight.

Louise Moore

Managing Director


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