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Inside the cranium of Richard Tait

At the recent Entrepreneur’s Forum conference, Together we can take on the world, we heard from the inspirational Richard Tait, the man behind one of the world’s top board games, Cranium.

He shared with us his eight steps to business success:

1.     Have a mission

Your team must know your vision and mission statement. It’s important to have a purpose.

2.     Change the rules

Why always do things the same way as before? Challenge yourself as to why you’re doing it like that and ask, is there a better way?

3.     Know what you’re God at

There was a typo here when it was originally written (good was spelt wrong) but Richard decided that God was actually better. You have to be better than good at what you do, be a God at it!

4.     Make hiring priority number one

“Hire for experience, fire for style.” People can make all the difference to a business, but it’s important to get rid of those bad apples immediately.

5.     Your customers are your sales force

If you go above and beyond for your customers, they’re going to tell as many people as possible and that’s more powerful than any sales team.

6.     Hairballs

“When it comes to hairballs, be in the avoidance business rather than the reaction business.” Try and foresee things that could have an impact on your business and plan around it before it’s too late.

7.     Do good as you do well

Give back to your communities and those disadvantaged as your business prospers.

8.     Passion, speed and discovery

Love what you do, get things done as fast as possible and be creative.


A final message from Richard was:

“Resilience is the number one quality of an entrepreneur.”


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