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Inspired (even more) to Big Up Tees Valley

The day after the Big Up Tees Valley event and I’m (Amy) still feeling proud of and inspired by fellow Tees Valley professionals and our region, and rightly so!

Commercial PhotographyAs a young(ish) professional, I have a lot of friends who trail away from their Tees Valley routes (mainly to ‘the big city’) dubbing it a place with little opportunity for both work and leisure.

Founder of the exciting event, Martin Barber’s, opening sentence resonated with me: “Tees Valley, it’s a great place to live, work and do business!”

So many people I grew up with have ‘got up and gone’, and after hearing James Ramsbotham of NECC speak, I understood why a bit more: “So many people who aren’t here amongst it all, doing business in the Tees Valley, have these negative warped perceptions of our thriving region.”

Lord Howell (according to James, incorrectly) labelled the region as ‘desolate’ and The Guardian writer Andy Beckett named us ‘Britain’s Detroit’!

This event scrumpled up their words and threw it back in their faces… In fact, we have evidence that our region is:

What’s so desolate and Detroit-like about that? Lord Howell and Andy Beckett I demand a re-write!

We heard speeches from the humorous Jo Hand of Jo Hand Recruitment, who last year was crowned the first Teesside lady to win the prestigious Susan Dobson award (congrats again!) at the WIN awards. Steve Thompson, of Teesside University and Digital City, gave us even more faith in our future with clips of school children sharing their ambitious dreams and Iain Mcpherson of Big Bite Creative who despite running a small business is taking on some pretty large contracts across the pond… Keep it up!

So, if we’re rocking the region, what is holding us back?

Let’s continue to trample on the media’s falsities, keep up these fantastic events and have the confidence to continue to prove them wrong. Along the lines of what Stephen Catchpole, MD of TVU, said: “Confidence breeds confidence, success breeds success. Let’s continue to turn these aspirations into expectations!”

P.S Far away friends, you’re surely and sorely missing out – and apparently £4,000 worse off after taking into account living costs.

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