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Instagram: back to basics

Blog Bullhorn - IsolatedOur second ‘back to basics’ themed blog of the month is focused on the wonderfully visual social media platform Instagram – my (Amy’s) personal favourite!

Here are some simple tips for Instagram:

Profile picture

It’s a fact – your account is more likely to be viewed if it has a profile picture, so don’t wait around and upload one (we want to see you smile)!


You’re not Beyoncé, so you need a bio – that’s the rule! Instagram limits you to 150 characters – use them wisely and only share the good bits!

Upload photos

Go crazy and get snapping – that’s what it’s all about. As you’ll read on a lot of people’s Instagram bios, their accounts encompass their lives in pictures, so take photos here, there and everywhere – we won’t judge you!

Upload videos

Instagram recently introduced video to its platform, so now you can record moments in time and share them with friends – fab isn’t it?!


Depending on your job and your personal life, you may want to close your lens to the world – that might not be a bad idea, especially if you’re a serious CEO by day and fun fancy dress addict by night!


This platform is the land of #HashtagHeaven. For those of you who don’t know (which is fine, this is a ‘back to basics’ blog after all), a hashtag is a word or short group of words used after a ‘#’. Hashtags are used to categorise posts and are a great way to engage potential followers.


If you’d like some more tips on Instagram and its functions, check out our related blogs below.

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