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Instagram bigger than Twitter

Instagram recently announced it had reached 300million monthly active users, putting it ahead of Twitter and its 284million users.

 These 300 million active users share more than 70 million photos every day, and an average of 2.5 billion daily ‘likes’. More than 70 percent of its users are outside of America, and users have shared more than 30 billion photos.

As part of an effort to eliminate spam, Instagram is starting verified badges for celebrities, athletes and brands to help people ensure they’re connecting with authentic accounts. The company says it’s also working to deactivate spam accounts to improve the user experience.

Is Twitter co-founder Evan Williams worried about being overtaken by Instagram? Here’s his response when asked by Fortune journalist Erin Griffith:

“If you think about the impact Twitter has on the world versus Instagram, it’s pretty significant. It’s at least apples to oranges. Twitter is what we wanted it to be. It’s this real-time information network where everything in the world that happens on Twitter – important stuff breaks on Twitter and world leaders have conversations on Twitter. If that’s happening, I frankly don’t give a shit if Instagram has more people looking at pretty pictures.”

 We’ll take that as a no then.


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