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Instagram Stories – Clever innovation or carbon copy?

Hot on the heels of Snapchat Memories, earlier this week Instagram launched its own take on the trend with Instagram Stories – and is already facing some stiff scrutiny.

In Instagram Stories, users can catalogue their daily lives in an independent interface without overcrowding their followers’ news feeds. Posts only last for 24 hours and are not posted to the user’s Instagram page.

Your followers are able to see your Instagram Story on their home page, which can be a real boon for business users– Instagram Stories can be helpful in identifying key followers and areas of interest.

The Twittersphere is divided over the launch, with many blasting the similarities between the two apps, but new technologies will always be picked up in the wake of pioneers and adapted to suit other networks. Only some outright condemn Stories as a carbon-copy – many users are happy to enjoy Instagram’s new function with little fuss.

For us it’s not so much the feature as how you use it, and that’s where the similarities end. Snapchat’s normal function rolls out in-the-moment snaps that disappear shortly after, and Memories allows users to save certain snaps that they want to keep.

Instagram Stories meanwhile moves away from the poised, professional pictures the platform is known for, encouraging users to post more candidly and more frequently. Whether you’re out with friends or covering a corporate event, Stories allow you to capture as much as you can, filter out the noise and share the best moments with your followers.

Stories does have some disadvantages of course, such as the lack of likes or comment feature. This means business users have no indication of which posts will incur the best reaction from their followers.

Ultimately though Instagram Stories is a great example of social media keeping up with innovation and we can’t wait to start making Stories of our own!

What do you think? Is Instagram Stories going to take the world by storm or is it just a carbon copy of Snapchat?

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