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Instagram ups its game with more new features

In a bid to maintain its status as one of the big players of the social media world, Instagram has rolled out two new features which could have Snapchat and Twitter feeling hot under the collar.

The photo app, which went through a rebrand earlier in the year, has spent much of 2016 upping its game with several new features and these latest ones prove it’s not done with Snapchat just yet.

Instagram has added live video and new messaging features that allow users to privately share disappearing messages outside of Stories. This essentially makes Instagram Direct a lot more like Snapchat, in that users can send disappearing photo and video messages to a friend, or groups of friends, using the Stories camera.

Like its number one competitor, photos and videos sent to friends will disappear after they see them, however there are no time limits for how long they can be viewed in a single sitting. Instagram will also notify users if someone takes a screenshot or replays a message. Users will be able to distinguish between disappearing direct messages and normal chats by the outline around the icons, similar to how Stories are displayed at the top of a main feed.

The addition of Instagram’s live video features could be another game changer. Users will be able to find live video in two places on Instagram, Stories and in a new section of “explore”. In both cases, live videos will only appear during the broadcast, meaning once the broadcaster ends the stream, the video will disappear from the app completely.

When a user goes live, Instagram will send a push notification to some — but not all — of their followers based on who the app detects will be most interested in your stream. Similar to Facebook Live or Periscope, anyone broadcasting can see who is watching them and viewers can chime in with comments, and of course, hearts.

We certainly can’t wait to have a play around with Instagram’s latest features and look forward to seeing how Snapchat and Twitter react to them, so we guess it’s just a case of watch this space!

Let us know what you think of the new changes to Instagram by commenting on our account – harveyandhugopr.

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